Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

Marriage holds weight. You meet somebody that fits. You develop an addiction to that person and refuse to imagine your life without that wonderful beast.

You buy a ring.

The beauty of these sets grounds your dedication to one another. It binds your rockets and propels you toward a collective life trajectory.

But buying jewelry is the easy part.

The marriage truce commits you to share each other’s joys and disasters equally. You build a life. You build a house. Sometimes you build walls. Smash them. They construct isolation and resentment.

The shared journey through the muck and detritus of modern complications muddies your boots.

Keep talking with one another. Laugh together, cry together, yell together, but always communicate with maturity. Save the glass-hurling for celebration. Save the name-calling for your political foes on social media.

Emotion unlocks your vulnerability, a gate best used when it swings. Break its latch. Install old-timey saloon doors in your chest. Try your level best never to restrict your partner’s access.

Most importantly, always remember the individual with whom you fell in love. Life’s twists and tumbles modify every relationship, but that person always exists.

Blink a few times and rediscover the person you couldn’t resist.

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