Dire stuff, but life churns this way for so many. Depression bears weight. It’s heavy and itchy and leaves you riddled with scars. Sometimes, you can only focus on all the death and disease, the fragility of living, the impossibility of survival. But you did survive, at least this far. That’s a success.

WEIGHT is my most personal collection to date. I, like countless others, spent vast amounts of my limited time buried deep inside a dark and cold coffin with no apparent escape. And whenever I commit to one last deep breath, a tiny glimmer lights a tunnel. It’s a tight fit, but worth a try.

These creations started with a pendant I made and wore through my darkest days. It absorbed metric tons of sadness, frustration, and, ultimately, redemption. That piece reminds me of mountains of hurt. Its cold, silver back also indulges elation and calm. It knows pain, accepts it, and responds with joy.

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