Gritty Jewelry

Gritty Jewelry

I started making jewelry (seriously) in 2006 and in 2011 Gritty Jewelry was born!

Gritty is me, lighthearted, but a little twisted because of my dark sense of humor. You’ll definitely see my Southern roots show through here, and definitely in my Superstitions line. I’ll never forget riding in my mother’s Z28 back in Florida when a black cat ran across our path. She compulsively licked her finger and marked 3 X’s on the windshield. This kept the bad luck at bay.

All in all, I do what I do because I love it. The bonus is that people connect with it, and in general, those are my people. They get it. Life is dark and light and all the shades of gray.

The jewelry: I am very particular, and my work shows it. I churn out unique items, handmade by me (or an assistant), and ALL metals and findings are sourced from the USA. Another thing that is important to me is making sure my jewelry is quality, abundant, and affordable. Those words don’t usually live together, but they do here at Gritty Jewelry.

Mary Kim Merritt

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Gritty Jewelry


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